Unable are the Loved to die
For Love is Immortality,
Nay, it is Deity—

Unable they that love—to die
For Love reforms Vitality
Into Divinity.

-Emily Dickinson

I love you Katie.


Hello guys and gals!

I hope everyones had a wonderful week! Congratulations to all my friends who recently finished finals. Plan on celebrating when I get back! (ONLY 8 MORE DAYS!!!)

My week spent in St Petersburg was amazing! The city was beautiful and the food was delicious. I felt like I was in Venice since there are so many rivers running directly through the city (no, I have never visited Venice). It was nice seeing the water again, I miss the coast. It was also refreshing to hear english since St Petersburg is a tourist hot spot. I talked cars with a few Australians and they were happy to hear I’m a “Holden bloke” (It’s an Australian car guy thing). We visited several cathedrals, monuments, and palaces so please cruise through my pictures. 

That’s all for now, but thanks for stopping by!

from Russia with Love,



Beginning of the CSKA vs SPARTAK game.

Don’t forget to click “HD” in the bottom right hand corner of the video


Hey guys!

I attended my FIRST professional soccer football game yesterday and I finally understand why the sport is so popular over here. It’s all about the fans. They’re crazy! Look at my pictures and tell me that’s not the most exciting spectacle of spectatorship you’ve ever seen! You’ll also notice A LOT of police are around since CSKA and SPARTAK are bitter rivals. Their hatred for each other is so intense it makes the Clemson USC rivalry look like two puppies fighting over a milkbone. But I digress…

The football game was an experience I’ll never forget and a highlight of my life spent in Russia. I’m thankful my Russian friends were kind enough to let me tag along and I hope one day I can cheer CSKA on again. GO CSKA!!!


I visited the Novodevichy Convent and tried to get fancy with my picture taking. Let me know what y’all think!



Hey Guys!

My friends didnt know why a bunny hides eggs on Easter, so I’d like to take this opportunity to educate everyone. It all started thousands of years ago into the future when Jesus Christ had a beloved pet bunny that followed him everywhere. One day, Jesus came across a chicken farmer who had lost all of his chickens. The farmer was in big trouble because he didn’t have any eggs to sell. The farmer looked to Jesus for help, but Jesus didn’t know what to do until he looked down at his furry, little friend. He patted his bunny twice on the head and out popped an egg. This frightened the bunny, so he ran away as fast as he could! Darting in and out of bushes, through tall grass, and between trees leaving a trail eggs behind him. The farmer couldn’t believe his eyes. It was miracle! But, before the farmer said his prayers he realized he had to find all those eggs. So he rounded up his family and gave them all baskets to collect as many eggs as they could find. Unfortunately, Jesus never saw his furry, little friend again. But the Easter bunny still comes out once a year to lay eggs for us to find.





"I won’t go into a big spiel about reincarnation, but the first time I was in the Gucci store in Chicago was the closest I’ve ever felt to home." - Kanye West

Hat tip to my sister Danielle aka DJ DMIX